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 is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that has  been servicing the community for 20 years

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A place to be other than the streets

Our mission is to provide:

 Life skills to under privileged youth through our educational programs that promote entrepreneurs,  the importance of home ownership and keeping up with technology. Opportunities for the entire family.  To give a helping hand to those in need of a second chance and provide a safe haven for our youth in the community.

A Safe Haven Place

It takes a child to have a dream. It takes a village to encourage the dream, and it takes a community to support the dream.

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Next Generation

Second Chance Life Skills is dedicated to the Education, Development, Social and Life Skills that are detrimental to Youth and Young Adults in our community. We have developed a Youth and Young Adults Mentorship Program – “Next Generation” that Educates and Equips those that participate in the program, real time and on hands experience with the job market and social skills. We teach the importance of Etiquette, Appearance, Preparedness, Social Skills, Basic Life Skills and more.

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Yes, This Girl Can

The Character and Well Being of our Young Ladies is important to our organization, the community and society. This program is a mentor based education, hands on approach for young females and young adult females. Dr. Lori Jones is Passionate about the program and is making great head-way with the young ladies that she and the program leads have been investing in the Social, Education, Life and Personal Skills of the participants. 

This Program does some mirroring of the Next Generation movement.


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Nothing Shorter Than Elite

SCLS Sports and Track Program that works with our Youth – Young Adults to encourage, improve, promote and provide education in physical fitness, good nutritional habits, good community relations, provide wholesome, non violent and positive activities for the youth of the community through sports and competition. Our focus to combat the rise of juvenile delinquency, educating the youth on dangers of substance abuse and other social depriving habits. Provide training and opportunities for showing how a good education along with athletic talents can bring them success. 

Our athletic program allows the community to embrace long term alternatives that can possibly lead to lasting benefits and opportunities such as college scholarships, athletic exposure, physical fitness training and more.

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Entrepreneurship And Education

SCLS provides after-school and weekend programs geared to meet expectations programs requiring participants to learn and engage in Entrepreneurship and Education. Participants gain knowledge essential to that of Owning their Own Business, Engaging, Starting, Purchasing a Franchise as well as All areas of 

Entrepreneurship. Our philosophy seeks to create, educate and support the Young Adults, Adults and even our “Next Generation” and “Yes This Girl Can Too” program with the tools, support, knowledge and resources essential to thriving and surviving.

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Veterans Outreach

The Veterans Outreach Program has become one of our most coveted and supported of the community and surrounding areas. The outreach primarily consists of providing affordable housing and financial literacy to those that are in need. The focus is on homeless veterans and those that are close to homelessness. 

In the 14th Congressional District we are in need of additional help and aid for the veterans in this area. The total population in the 14th district is 739,489 of which more than half the population is female. Civilian population is 567,239, while the veteran population is 46,054 (These numbers were derived from Census Bureau demographic and economic statistics for Congressional District 14). There are more than 621 Veteran Households that are homeless in the district. The numbers show 584 Males, 36 Females and 1 Transgender male to female that are without housing. A great number of the veteran population consist of unsheltered, safe havens or emergency shelters with a lower number of vets in some form of temporary transitional shelter (These numbers were derived mainly from the 2015 point in time counts by the Pinellas Homeless Coalition. 

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Low to Moderate Income Program

Second Chance Life Skills has been providing housing stabilization, support, aid and services to the Low to Moderate Income Population for many years. The special focus for this population is Safe, Affordable, Clean and Available Housing. The goal is to obtain and or retain permanent housing for participants of our program. While we focus on affordable housing, we offer financial literacy to those that are in need of regaining their footing through credit restoration, establishing credit and budgeting. We prepare some for the opportunity of lease-purchase through offering Home Buyer Education. 

One of our main concerns and needs as an organization is having a steady and available inventory of housing units. Currently we are in need of more housing inventory, New or Dilapidated. We renovate abandoned, foreclosed, dilapidated and demolished units and make them available and affordable. The inventory that we have is vacated by low to moderate income households. The population that we serve ranges from Disabled, Handicapped, Mobility Challenged, Military Veterans and Homeless Households. There is also a great need to 

serve the Single Parent Households, 85% of these households are in homeless shelters in need of Safe, Affordable, Clean and Available Housing.


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Financial Literacy

Our Financial Literacy Program provides Literacy and Education on various points of interest. As part of our financial literacy program, we provide participants with information to regain control of their situation or life circumstance. Participants will learn the following from the informational sessions. Our program affords participants to regain dignity and control of their lives. In most cases from attending the Financial Literacy Workshops, participants gain insight on how to make smarter purchases, better credit for better paying jobs, save money on big purchases and much more. We provide clean and good communication in an effort to establish a connection and understanding of the practices and techniques the participant will apply to their lives. 

The Financial Literacy aspect of our program is essential to our grassroots connection to the community. It goes well with our Housing Program and “Healthy Living” Approach. As we teach and encourage a healthy Financial Lifestyle and Campaign.

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Food Security

Our Organization is focused on a “Healthy Living “ Initiative that focuses on the overall needs of most households, especially that of Low to Moderate Income Household Populations. 

Food Insecurity is a big deal. Not only in our community but worldwide the disadvantaged don’t have access to Healthy Food nor have any solutions provided for them. 

We have partnered with Panera Bread in an effort to feed the Low to Moderate Income Households that have kids and young adults as well as the low income senior citizen population. Our concept is to bring Healthy foods and alternatives to the disadvantaged communities where they will now have access to Healthy Breads, Bagels, Pastries, etc. As funding permits, we will focus on partnering with brands such as Whole Foods as well as Feed America in an effort to continue to provide Healthy Foods to the low income populations that would never have access or the finances to afford such Healthy and Nutritional Foods and Brands. 

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Second Chance Life Skills is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.  We offer several classes and course to the community to help enrich and grow the lives of it’s members.

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