Next Generation

Second Chance Life Skills is dedicated to the Education, Development, Social and Life Skills that are detrimental to Youth and Young Adults in our community. The majority of the kids in our community are At Risk Youth and Young Adults that don’t readily have access to the resources and support systems for adequate development and survival for basic needs and economic advancement.
Second Chance Life Skills has developed a Youth and Young Adults Mentorship Program – “Next Generation” that Educates and Equips those that participate in the program, real time and on hands experience with the job market and social skills. We teach the importance of Etiquette, Appearance, Preparedness, Social Skills, Basic Life Skills and more. We create and maintain a Fun, Exciting and Educational environment for our participants.

Our Next Generation program introduces youth to different types of opportunities and gives them a chance to experience things they may not otherwise had the opportunity to do.  We use these opportunities to help them broaden their horizons and meet persons in fields that might be in interest.

The Next Generation Program goal is to guide the kids in proper etiquette & and social skills to prepare them for all kinds of situations, from group events like these to job interviews for their future employment. Our next event will be another visit to a Tampa Bay Rays Baseball game.  Participants get a chance to enjoy the game but they also get a chance to see some behind the scenes things that most of us don’t get to experience.  For instance, they get to visit the announcers booth and the media bullpen where journalists are observing the game and writing or broadcasting.  They also get to see the workings of the stadium itself where engineers explain the day to day tasks required to run a major league ball park.  And of course, they get to meet some of the team staff and even a player or two.

Golden Generation