Support for Homeless Veterans

Second Chance Life Skills is committed to assist in ending homelessness, helping those in need of Affordable, Clean, Safe and Habitable Housing. We are advocates for Veterans, their families and civilians facing homelessness and those that are homeless or transitioning back into civilian life. Through breaking down and eliminating the barriers of rental / leasing restrictions, we envision a community that respects all of its Citizens and Households, regardless of their level of Ability and or Income.

Our Veterans have served us and our country with pride and now its time that we return service unto them. Our veterans and their families upon leaving the service have challenges returning to civilian life and or receiving benefits and services that were promised to them or that they perceived that they would receive.

Partnering with local businesses, business owners and community volunteers enable us to create the awareness of the special needs, services and housing opportunities that our veterans and or their families are in need of. We dedicate the success of our Veteran Outreach Program to community involvement. We take a grass roots approach in ensuring the community knows about our program / service and the need for supportive housing

Program Design

Our programs are designed to aid those who are Economically, Physically, and Mentally challenged, giving them a First or Second chance to achieve Independence and Self-Sufficiency. We find and pair households with the suitable housing to fit their budget and needs. With the help of Banks, Private, Public Organizations, Lumber and Home Improvement Stores, we take and renovate properties, making them safe while yet affordable. Our biggest intent is to address the needs of some of our community’s most vulnerable people, we offer various housing and assistance programs for Veterans and Civilians. whom have : 

Criminal History: Multiple arrests showing up on back ground checks • Poor rental history: Evictions, late or missed rent payments, poor landlord references, no previous rental history • Poor credit history: High debts, judgements for unpaid debt, closed credit or bank accounts, late or missed payments. • Low incomes: Landlords requiring monthly income to be two or three times the monthly rent payment, which may indirectly discriminate against public assistance recipients • Poor employment record: Extended or frequent periods of unemployment.

Innovative Screening Method

We have implemented a homeless prevention program after long study of the market. One of the major benefits from our study is our screening program that overlooks most if not all barriers that would normally inhibit a possible renter from gaining housing due to critical landlord screening

What We want as landlords

“It’s simple. All landlords want three things: pay the rent, treat the building with respect, and treat other people with respect. If you can do those three things, you can live in our housing. If not, you’ll have to go somewhere else.”
We do look at a few factors to determine if  a participant is a good fit for our program. As we help and assist households with gaining housing we require participants to pay the rent, treat the building or unit with respect and treat others and staff with respect. If  participants cannot do these few things, participants cannot live in our housing or assisting housing developers properties

Housing Support

Second Chance offers the following housing support to potential participants:

Emergency Shelter

When Available

Short Term Housing Opportunities

When Available

Long Term Housing Opportunities

When Available

Rent Flexibility & Terms

When Available

Lease options to buy

When Available

Financial Literacy

Our program requires participants to go through Financial Literacy and Education session(s). As part of financial literacy participants will be able to regain control over whatever circumstance contributed to their homeless situation. Participants will learn the following from the informational sessions:

Plan Success

Working together to ensure participant’s long term tenancy, we put together a plan in the hopes for ongoing relationships. Second Chance has been a pillar in the community for over 15 years and prides itself on Programs and Services that rehabilitates and enhances the quality of life and neighborhood.

Getting Started

Once you have read over the program information and are interested in pursuing housing, you may request a tour of available housing or fill out the necessary application and present required documentation to get underway. Income limits are enforced for our housing programs and limits are available for your review to determine eligibility. Information and items that you will need to submit your application is as follows but are not limited to: