Second Chance Life Skills is dedicated to the Education, Development, Social and Life Skills that are important to Youth and Young Adults in our community. We have been serving the community for over 15 years and continue to make a difference working along with our Local and National Brand Community Partners in an effort to effectively promote positive change while enhancing the quality of Education, Life Skills, Social Skills and longevity of our Youth and Young Adults Programs.

We are Thankful for the opportunity work with so many talented youth that are interested in succeeding in the Classroom, Sports and helping their community to become more productive. Through our outreach with Youth and Young Adults in our programs as well as in the community, we strive to create more learning opportunities that supplement quality class room instruction.

Our Programs

Healthy Living

Nutrition first Workshops

With obesity at epidemic levels among our youth SCLS guides them into the wonder filled world of nutrition and healthy eating habits. Our program director has worked as a health and nutrition professional for over 15 years. We also provide nutritional workshops for healthy eating recommendations for the entire household. SCLS works to utilize each opportunity with the children to attract and engage the children into thinking smart about their curiosity into learning lots of basic and very important nutritional information about food. The children and youth become nutrition ambassador for their, households, peer groups, and for their communities.Second Chance Life Skills would like to thank our new partner Panera Bread for making it possible to provide our Healthy Living program, “Feeding Those In Need With Dignity”

Gardening Workshops

The award-winning Bartlett Park Community Garden flourishes in the heart of Bartlett Park, a poverty-stricken neighborhood near downtown St. Petersburg that is classified as a food desert region. This program focuses on engaging youth with urban agriculture at a basic level to include regular visits to the garden and practical tutorials delivered by experienced gardeners and passionate educators. Program participants are encouraged to grow edible plants that will instill the importance of sustainability, the growing process, and connection to one’s food. BPCG is a community care organization partner with SCLS Inc. to provide this unique learning opportunity for local youth and their families.

Physical fitness

NSTE – Nothing Shorter Than Elite (Track Program)

SCLS sports and track program works with our youth and young adults to encourage, improve, promote and provide education in physical fitness, healthy nutritional habits, and positive community relations. This is done by providing wholesome, non-violent, and positive activities for the youth of the community through fitness activities and group collaboration. Our focus is to combat the rise of juvenile delinquency by educating the youth on the dangers of substance abuse and other detrimental habits.This athletic program allows the participants to embrace long term alternatives that can possibly lead to lasting benefits and opportunities such as college scholarships, athletic exposure, physical fitness training and more.


Rokkball is a baseball clinic choreographed to Rock & Roll Music. This skill based program is designed for any skill level boy or girl from the ages of 6-14. Combining baseball drills, endurance training, along with maximum repetition and minimal idle time, Rokkball is a fantastic youth program designed for all participants. This hour long program set to Rock & Roll Music, will put the 3 F’s into effect, Fun, Focus and Fast. Children and parents alike enjoy the energy, enthusiasm, and teamwork atmosphere of Rokkball.

Personal Growth

Next Generation

Next Generation educates and equips participants through hands on experience with the job market and social skills. We teach the importance of etiquette, appearance, preparedness, social skills, basic life skills, etc. We create and maintain a fun, exciting, and educational environment. Program managers provide counseling services that are designed to awaken potential, provide assistance with work readiness, and offer additional activities that adequately prepare participants for positive social engagement.

Yes This Girl Can!

This mentor based educational program provides a hands on approach for young adult females in order to foster character and positive self-image. Program directors and volunteers have specific experience with respect to social interaction and environment acclimation. The program invests in the continued awareness and increase of social, education, life, and personal skills of the participants.

After School Tutoring

Second Chance Life Skills offers after school tutoring for students K-12. The subjects addressed include Reading, Common Core Math, Language Arts, Science, and Vocabulary. Students are engaged at their current learning level, and with the help of SCLS program instructors, a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation serves as the foundation for the tutoring curriculum. Students are instructed based on their individual learning abilities as opposed to a conventionally established curriculum. We work to identify and bridge any learning gaps that students may have. Our educational staff include certified teachers and experienced educators.


Technology as a Tool

In this program, participants are introduced to the key components of user technology. Students are given information illustrating the many constructive uses of digital technology. In addition, students are advised as to appropriate use of social media as a research and data gathering tool.


This program includes Creative Writing and Piano classes. The purpose of this program is to stimulate the creative aspects of the student’s mind. Each program participant is encouraged to create in conjunction with the provided curriculum in an effort to motivate a continuous flow of independent thought.